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Cilantro - love it or hate it?



Senior Member
I hate it. For some reason, though, I can tolerate coriander in small amounts and with just the right mix of other flavors.


Senior Member

LOVE it.

However, there is a fine line between enough cilantro and too much cilantro….I have crossed that line exactly once. LOL


Senior Member
I hated it when I was younger. Tasted like detergent to me. (There's actually an interesting reason for that...but I'll refrain from nerding out on you all. I was a chemistry teacher, so I'm interested in these things on a molecular level)

Anyway, I have grown to enjoy it over time, and now I use it a lot in cooking!


Senior Member
I am totally with Amiga. Cilantro is not my fav but if its a small amount and in a good recipe then I am all in. Why not?