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Class dojo

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specialist using it

Not sure how its going in first, but working so well in fourth that the whole team now uses it. It was time consuming at first but now that the routine is there, it goes quickly. The teachers like that they can use their phones to give/take away points. When they do this the kids can't see who is getting or losing points, so behavior suddenly improves.
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I use it and love it. I started using it last year and it worked really well. It provides excellent documentation for students and parents love that they can see specific information about their child's day. My student's love getting the positive points as well and really work hard for them.

Feel free to pm me if you have any specific questions. :)


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I love It!

I use it and it works well with my first and kinder students. They know that they can earn points all throughout the day. I even use it when I pick them up from lunch-points for standing in line as they should. I really like that parents can log-in and see how their child did for the day. Also that I can send class anouncements to parents through Dojo. This had come in handy and better than sending notes home, which often stay in their child's homework folder unread.


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Love it

This is my first year using it in first grade. The students love it, the parents love it, and I love it. It gives me a way to communicate with parents about their child's day.