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Classification of Books


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Hi, I have just finished my first year as Head Librarian. Previously, I was a classroom teacher for 25 years. My query is, how do other schools classify their books. For non-fiction I use the Dewey system, but we seem to have too many groups for fiction: Junior Fiction, Primary, Picture Books, Young Adult, and Fiction.

Personally, I believe that Young Adult fiction should just be classified as Fiction with perhaps a colored sticker to show it is for young teens. (Although, Young Adult is considered for 10-18 years olds!) I am interested to hear what others do in their libraries.


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Our school library is for grades pre-k through 5. We have:
Non fiction (Dewey)
Easy non-fiction


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Yay for Easy Nonfiction

I'm so glad to know that you have a Easy Nonfiction section in your library. I sorted and re -catalogued the nonfiction books so the younger students can find nonfiction books on their level. It has been a popular section. We are also a K-5 school.


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Identifying "Easy"

I know this an old thread, but I'm hoping to get some ideas for our PK-4 school. How are you determining whether a book should go into "Easy" non-fiction? Is there a quantitative measure that you look up for this, or is it based on your librarian guru-knowledge? I'd love to pull out this sub-section for our youngest kids and struggling readers, too.



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Personally, I judge whether the book is an easy reader for the younger students. Usually these books are smaller in size so it is good to have them in a separate section, otherwise they tend to 'get lost' in among the more difficult books!