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Classroom Christmas Gift



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I teach 5th grade. I need some ideas for christmas gifts for my students. Can you share what you master teachers give to your students? Thank you in advance.


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We usually make Christmas ornaments and give them. I give them along with a book.

This year, we went to Hobby Lobby and bought the decorated letters and will give them.

I also bought the glittered stockings and will give them too. They are also ornaments.


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Third graders here

Last year I gave each student a double die, a die within a die. Both were 12 sided so the could play a rolling die game and then multiply the two numbers together to see if their product was higher than what their partner rolled. Not sure where I found them, but remember they were available from several sources online. Since we had just completed learning our facts they enjoyed this inexpensive gift the last week before school was out for Christmas break.


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I just ordered the special 50 books for $50 from Scholastic. I'll give each student a book and a book light from the Dollar store. I put both in a bag and tie it up with a ribbon. One year I wrote a note in each book, but some st. wanted to trade books when they opened them...so now I write a quick note on the tag. Kids love the gift and for a few st. it's the first time they've gotten their own book to keep.


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I was thinking of getting cheap picture frames and doing a wordle for each of my students using words that describe them. My kids really struggle with valuing themselves and I thought they might like to see what I think about them.


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I give them a book from a book order at their level and a bookmark that I make with their name on it--like using WordArt on word, then laminate them and put a ribbon on them.


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double die

1956BD--Will you share where you purchased such die? I have never heard / seen such die. They sound fascinating. I always send home a pkt of all the mult. games we play in class before Christmas break. A die like this would be a perfect addition. TIA!