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classroom location?


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I spoke to my principal today about me moving from 2nd to the 3rd grade for next year. No problem. He even said I could stay in my present room and make that the 3rd grade room. So after all of the changes are made going down the hall it would be 2nd, 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 1st 3rd.
I know there are no laws about room arragements, but it just seems like the grades should be together. Although my second grade is not exactly next to the other second grade!!
Why is such a simple thing perplexing me?:confused:


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It is nice being next to the other people that teach the same grade, but I hate to move all my stuff, so I would be happy not to have to.


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classroom grouping

In our pre-K through 2nd building, we are grouped into teams. We have a K, 1st, and 2nd grade classroom either next door to each other or across the hall from each other. The kids stay with the same class for those three grades. This helps make a biggish school more kid friendly. We have weekly grade-level meeting to talk to the other teachers and share ideas. Maybe you could arrange a specific time to get together each week with other teachers on your grade level.


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No moving!

I think I would rather keep the same room each year. This is my third year, and I've never been in the same room twice. I don't think it matters where your room is, as long as your team is willing to meet once every so often.


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Well here are my 2 cents... in a school I worked at years ago we had 2 of each grade level in each hall (k-2) It was wonderful being able to talk with teachers on both ends and see where the kids came from and what they needed to know to move on. We did a lot cross grade activities and it was fabulous. We had much more scope and sequence. I enjoyed the mixed grouping. Once a month we had grade level meetings so we could "hang out" with the same grade teachers. That was great too as we shared not only what we were doing but what we learned from the others in our hall.

Where I am at now, I am with 2 of the other 5 teachers for my grade. They are not open sharing people and I often never see them. I thought I would get all this great support working next door to them- well I was wrong on that one. We never work together.

It would be great to have a similiar grade level close by, but I guess it all depends on how well those teachers all work together. As you can see in my case- it wouldnt matter because my colleagues are not all that much of TEAM.

Hope wherever you end up works out.