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Classroom Management Help Needed


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Help! My class has a very hard making transitions during the day. They talk so much!!! They are not responding to my classroom signals lately. Does anyone have an effective system that they use that doesn't include giving rewards? My school uses the Responsive Classroom approach, which I love, but the school doesn't believe in giving rewards. Help!


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I struggled with this as well. I now do pretty good. When there is moving around transition (ie carpet to desks) I have them walk like something silently no noise. For example, yesterday they walked back to their desks like Turkeys etc.. The moment someone gobbles or whatever the class loses it for the next time. They love it and catch on quick to do it silently. Mainly I count down and however many people are still off task or getting stuff out or putting things away is how many minutes the class owes me for recess. They seen to catch on quick. The end of the day pack up however, will never be smooth. That I have learned to let go. I pick my battles and chose to sit this one out. :D


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Have them sing a transition song as they move.

Any song will do. Here are some ideas:

(tune of Thumbkin)

We are walking, we are walking
to our groups, to our groups
Hands are by our side,
reading's on our minds
walk safely, walk safely

(to the tune of Gilligan's Island)

My lips are zipped
I'm listening
I give myself a hug
I'm quietly looking straight ahead
I'm walking to the rug
I'm walking to the rug

or let them clap as they march, or make a game of timing them ~ post the time to beat on the board.

or sing if you're happy and you know it (jazz it up each time with different things: clap your hands, touch your ear/nose, wiggle your fingers, etc) - just one stanza to the rug/desks, etc.


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I play teacher against the class. During transitions, if I am ready first I get a point and if the kids are ready, they get a point and they try to beat the teacher.
Each day my line leader gets to pick a quiet sign for us to use. My kids seem to respond to this. We use it whenever we need to during the day. We use 2 fingers for peace, hang loose, 5 fingers up or whatever they comeup with. I taught them my own personal favorite: be a snail. We put our ring finger and middle finger on our thumb and the pointer and pinky up (for the snail's anntenae). We all know how quiet a snail is....


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I also give them an activity to do as they transition, but I allow them to make the turkey noise and flap their wings. I feel like it allows them time to get it out before I want their attention again. Then when they are at their desks I just clap three times, or say eyes and ears, or One two and they say we know what to do. It seems to work well.