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Classroom management ideas

Classroom Management 


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I'm looking to change my classroom management system. I've tried the clip chart and also the card system. What behavior systems do you use that works very well in your classroom??? thanks


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green, yellow and red light

I've used this for years with excellent results. The key is to be clear with your rules and consistent with enforcing them. The kids have a sticker chart where they earn stickers for every day they stay in green. After 5 days they earn a treat jar treat and when they fill the chart (25 days) they go to the treasure box.


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I am going to try the clip chart (move up/move down). If they reach the top they earn a ticket each day they do that. They can accumulate their tickets to earn privledges (no cost ex. seat swap, bring in a stuffed animal to read with, etc.). I also hand out tickets when I spot someone following directions, staying on task, etc., so they can earn additional tickets for good behavior. The students always like that they can earn extra tickets.Positive reinforcement always works well. I never take anything away, they can only earn.


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Class Dojo

I taught 3rd grade last year and am moving to 2nd grade this year. Last year I had a difficult class. I started out with the clip chart and it worked for a while as most things do. But I had 2 especially difficult students who, anytime they had to move their clip down, would break their clip or throw a temper tantrum.

Anyways, half way through the year I discovered CLASS DOJO. It was an amazing transformation. It's an online management system that is FREE!! You set up your class and you can reward points and take away points. I would just open it on my smartboard and you can use your smartphone as a remote control to give or take away points too (great during guided reading so as not to interrupt the group). I would just have to give 1 kid a point and it makes a cute sound and they all start doing what their suppose to. They loved it. Me too!

Just look up Class Dojo. I plan to use it again this year.


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Class Dojo

I second the post about Class Dojo. I had a terrible group last year and the ONLY thing they would respond to was Class Dojo. I only used it for positive points and didn't do anything with the negative side of things. I suggest you play around with it this summer to see if it will work for you.