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Classroom management & IEP's


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I am tearing my hair out trying to keep up with IEP's!! Out of a class of 30 students, I have 15 remedial and extension people doing all different programs at different times and I can't even keep up! I feel the class lacks structure and I feel overwhemled with the amount of work and marking...I need some help as to how to better manage the classroom and how to best cater for those weaker children!!!


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Do you have 15 ESE/remedial/etc teachers coming in or do you have 15 students who are supported by one of these programs? 15 sounds like quite a bit either way!

Are students being pulled or are teachers coming into the classroom?

I would definately start by making a schedual of who is in the class at what times, if a student is pulled, where are they? and that sort of thing. Make it as simple to read as possible so it is an easy refrence for you or a sub if one comes in.

Gina TX

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that is a lot in one class. I had a long time teacher pass this idea on to me and it has really helped me keep track of all the kids and what is on each IEP. First, in my grade book I highlight the names of the kids with IEPs, then I got regular index cards and a box. I divided it up by each class period. Then in alphabetical order in each period I make a card for each kid with an IEP and put a short description of what modifications they have for my class. It has really helped me a lot. Hope that will help some. I can't imagine having that many in one class. Good luck to you.


IEP help

My coteacher made a spreadsheet with all possible accom. or mods at the top, and kids I taught within the class I had coteach who received any accom. or mods down the side. She then highlighted appropriately per child. When I am planning lessons, or preparing for a parent conference, I simply look at the spreadsheet.