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Classroom Website



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I discussed with my principal some of my ideas for next year, and one of those ideas was to create an maintain a class website to keep parents updated with news and other events. She was very impressed that I had come up with this type of an idea, as technology and websites aren't that common due to the age of teachers in my building. I have decided to try and get a website up and running for the remainder of the year and see how it works out.

I have menus for Classroom Documents, Classroom Links, and About Me. I am wondering what are some good links to include in the links area, these would be places parents and students can go to get extra practice or information. What are some good things to include in general on a class website?


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I update

my website weekly, here are some of my pages:

curriculum-on this page I have guiding questions for the week for each subject area.
news-this keeps parents and students up to date on what is happening at school, reminders
calendar-this is for important upcoming dates
blog-i have a weekly blog update that students are expected to comment on-goes along with curriculum
class albums and videos-pictures and videos of the class
our schedule-daily schedule
curriculum links-websites that correlate with our curriculum
wish list and supply list



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Thank you for sharing your website! It gave me a few ideas about what to add to mine. I'll be adding a lot to mine from your suggestions, and after talking to a few other teachers.