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Cleaning out closets


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Have you purged all your teaching clothes. I’ve hung on to some things and haven’t worn them since I retired. I’ve kept winter clothing that I haven’t worn. Today I’m finally going to do another clean out. We’ll see how far I get.

How are your closets?


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Cleaning closets

Good questions. Initially, I cleaned out a lot of “teacher looking” clothes and shoes I knew I wouldn’t wear. I also kept a lot thinking I’d be gallivanting. Two years in, I purged again….there were items I hadn’t worn at all.

I’m 5 years in and ready to purge again. Some of it had to do with Covid….we just never went anyplace fancy anymore. And some it weight gain. I’m seriously considering a really deep, no holds barred, purge this winter.


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All of my teacher clothing was gone after about 3 years of retirement. I taught primary grades and the kids liked cutesy things like items with fall leaves and snowmen. I had plenty of outfits to please them! LOL Good lord, now I can't believe I worn them but it was fun back then. They are all long gone. I hang out with teachers from time to time and still see friends sporting a 'teacher' outfit, reminding me of those good old days but I'm over the teacher look.

My biggest fashion adjustment since retiring has realizing how casual all styles have become. Rarely do I see folks who have 'dressed up' no matter the occasion.

Ima Teacher

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I had already not replaced any dress pants as they wore out for about a year before I retired. I was wearing all dresses. I had gotten rid of some of most of my heels due to worsening neuropathy that affects my balance.

Everything else was just hanging out in the closet. I’m getting ready to do a major purge because if I haven’t reached for it in a year, I think it can go. Everything I take out of the closet will still hang out here until February or March because that’s when the consignment store starts taking short sleeves and sleeveless items. Basically my fall & winter wardrobe is my spring summer wardrobe with cardigans and different shoes. <!--giggle-->

I still wear mostly dresses when I run errands and shorts & t-shirts when I’m home.


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I retired in June and got rid of a bunch of a bit dressier stuff, but my wardrobe was on the more casual side anyway.

We have 4 seasons here and I will continue to wear a bunch of what I have. I also continued to toss several items this summer that were getting on the worn out side.

Next summer I will see what I never wore while retired and most likely get rid of those items.


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A year after retirement I purged nearly all my teaching clothes! It helped me to realize that I'd moved on to a new stage of life. Then, after "Kondo-sizing" our small walk-in closet, I purchased a new closet system on sale, and had it professionally installed. No, there is no chandelier or lounge chair in it. But I did splurge on all new wooden hangers plus a valet rod on which to hang an outfit. What a treat! :)


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I have purged most of my teaching clothes. This is year 3 for me. The first year, I bagged up a lot of dressier stuff I knew I'd never wear again. Then this spring, I took a carload of clothes still on hangers and donated them to a place just for women . There were some items with tags still on them:o

I kept just a few holiday shirts just for fun?


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retired in 2020

Since 2020 I have had to totally vacate my 3 closets (one linen) in my room for

1) insurance repair,
2) partial remodel,
3) and now full remodel.

I couldn't believe how much I actually purged this last time. I saved 1 Irish dancing costume and 2 of my family's Austrian costumes. I did save my daughters ice skating costumes. Literally EVERYTHING else that was sentimental is gone. Some teaching dresses for now . I actually can have a husband move in because I have so much room. Lolol

NJ Teacher

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I have been out three years. I have been gradually getting rid of my teaching clothes. They fit and are in good condition, so I still admit to having a hard time getting rid of them. I am having an easier time giving away books and household items.


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I need to ask...what are teacher clothes? If you mean dressier slacks and tops, I don't have a need to get rid of those. I still go places that require that type of clothing. I never really had cute teacher themed clothes, just stuff I needed to wear to church or a function that I also wore to work.

My DD told me now that I'm retired I need to start wearing athleisure wear <!--giggle--> I'm still not sure about that LOL I'm still in shorts so we'll see what I do when the weather changes.


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Not yet. I still wear my "teacher clothes" to church and, although I will never teach again, I may take some other type of job that requires business casual type clothes.


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I got rid of things I don't like or that are out of style. But most of my clothes still work for me. I don't really have any really dressy clothes. When I worked, I wore a lot of (nice) jeans and sweaters or tops. I think I looked nice, but really, nobody at the schools I worked at dressed up except the principal.


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With the exception of spirit t-shirts we got from our admin yearly, I wore dress slacks and either tailored blouses or turtlenecks to school. I left the spirit shirts in the teacher work room before I left for whoever wanted them. Otherwise, my wardrobe was made up of clothing I wore in my non-teaching world. I never was into the teacher themed clothing as I taught 5/6, 11/12, and adults during my career.


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It was hard!

I didn’t get rid of as much as I should but I’ll do more after I see what I wear this winter.

I did get rid of most pants that had a zipper. Retirement has not been kind to my waistline.

2grade- My goal is an custom closet!


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I still wear them. They’re good for church, library storytime (which I do a couple of times a month), and other infrequent things.


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Hi All! I consider myself semi-retired from teaching as I’ve been a SAHM for the past 3 years with no plans to return to a B&M building anytime soon. There’s not really another board that fits. I hope it’s ok if I pop on this board occasionally. 😃

In regards to the OP’s question: I purged slowly because I still wore my teaching clothes to church. However, since Covid, weight gain / body changed after stopping nursing & turning 40 not much of my old clothes fits. I purged a decent amount last year and I just recently purged another good amount. This last round I stayed brutally honest with myself and just got rid of it. If I need a dress then I’ll just get a new (fitting comfortably) dress. Besides church and an occasional trip to Target my outings are play dates, walks on the trail, and housework. Somehow, I still have so.many.clothes. I’m just staying the course. I still have a bit to go. My DH’s clothes are another story 🙄. I’m now resorting to just purging without telling him.


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I sold my house last summer. During the move, I did a major purge. I taught elementary and most of my school clothes were either cutesy or professional. I wouldn't wear them anywhere other than work. I retired too a couple of years ago. If you can find someone who likes and will use them, it is very easy to pass them on. For some reason, I didn't want them siting in a thrift shop. I have tons more closet space in my new house. It is so easy now to keep the closets nice,

Song of Joy

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Been trying to clean out the spare bedroom because our DS2 is coming home to stay for a few months while he sells his house. There's no hope for me. I used to cycle out clothes every 2 or 3 years when I was young. Now I have socks that have seen 4 presidents.