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Cleaning person


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I hired a person this summer while I was down and out. I so enjoy not having to do the work that I intend on keeping her for a while more. Like until we sell our house!

Anyway, she always asks if there is anything else I want her to do. I am at a loss. I want her to clean anything that needs cleaned. Are there things I should be asking her to do that she won't do unless I ask? Will she clean out my fridge? Dust the inside of my cupboards? What do you ask your cleaning person to do that I am not going to think of? I feel like I am getting cheated since I haven't asked her to do anything....


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I always wash my sheets before the service arrives and they make my bed for me.

Do they wipe the baseboards?

Do they dust the ceiling light fixtures? ceiling fans?

Will she clean your leather furniture or vacuum your upholstered furniture?

Will she clean your oven?

Will she change your AC filter?

Enjoy your cleaning service!


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My service is so detailed! They clean things I normally wouldn't clean. :)
Sometimes I ask them to clean the inside windows in addition.


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She should be deep cleaning the bathroom(s) and kitchen. All surfaces, sinks, tubs, shower doors, etc.

Dusting furniture, knickknacks, baseboards, floors, as well as vacuuming rugs.

Mine wipe down my plantation shutters and clean the inside of my sliding door.

This takes a team of 2 just under 2 hours. And that’s perfect.

If you want her to do more, I guess she could make the bed.

I don’t see why you need to ask her to do more. Maybe she just wants to make sure she is meeting your approval.

Empty Nester

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Cleaning Person

We’ve had our current cleaning person for nearly 3 years. She and her team (at least 2 and sometimes 3 people) are a godsend. Every 2 weeks, they change bed linens, vacuum all rugs and upholstered furniture, dust furniture and lamps, thoroughly clean and sanitize bathrooms and kitchen, damp-mop and dry hardwood floors, clean outside surfaces of stainless steel appliances, dust ceiling fans, empty trash baskets, clean insides of toaster oven and microwave, wipe down plantation shutters, and spray clean all glass surfaces (including mirrors, table tops, storm doors, and inside of French doors). For an extra fee, they will clean out refrigerator or clean inside of oven. They do an excellent job, are reliable, and completely trust-worthy.


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When I was working, I would strip the bed and leave the fresh sheets for her. I usually have to remind her to dust the fans. Mine won't do anything like cleaning the fridge or oven (I wish!) , but it doesn't hurt to ask.
When my parents were alive their cleaning woman would sweep their little patio, I was a little envious!


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Are you paying by the hour or job?

If you are paying by the job, she is probably just checking to see if everything is up to your expectations.

If you are paying by the hour and she needs the money, I am pretty sure she'd dust your cupboards and do your fridge! :)
Usually if they are coming regularly, they'll rotate some tasks. Like cleaning baseboards, dusting 1 floor, and cleaning the windows.
It all depends what you agreed to originally and how much time she has.
If you want her to do the fridge or cupboards just ask if she has time and pay for the extra services.
The worst she can do is say no, but usually they like the extra money.
When I was really busy this summer, I had 1 clean the fridge, oven, and walls.


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My cleaner has higher standards for my house than I have ever had. I feel like I should be wearing gloves to use things. It's wonderful!

He periodically cleans the oven and the fridge, but his basic routine is bathroom and kitchen deep clean and floors (we have no carpet, and it's an acreage to mop). He also flicks a duster over the living room furniture as he goes past. He also deep-cleaned the piano (which I only keep because it stops the photographs falling on the floor) and it looked amazing!

The house always smells nice and lemony when he's been.


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The usual for a housecleaner in our house is:
kitchen counters, stovetop, inside and out of microwave and toaster oven, wipe down drawer and cabinet fronts, wipe down front of appliances
floors- sweep, damp mop, vacuum
bathrooms- floor tile, toilet, sink, tub and shower (incl tile walls)
bedrooms- change bed linens
dusting- throughout house with a damp dust rag; wipe ceiling fan blades
vacuum couch and living room chair

The extras our house keeper does every few months:
-hard scrub/degreasing of kitchen cabinet/drawer fronts
-clean ceiling light fixtures
-clean glass panels in outside doors
-polish wood furniture
-spot clean walls
-wipe down light switches

Every once in a while during the school year, I'll also ask her to fold my laundry because laundry is stupid. She gets me.


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I am guessing she is asking in case there is something that isn't satisfactory or has been missed. It just seems weird when she says it.

I do have something to ask her to do next week... I am actually happy with her, although I don't feel like she is doing anything I couldn't do (under normal circumstances). I do wish I was just wowed by the service. It is terrific to come home to a clean and clean smelling house. This week I noticed she refilled my liquid soap dispensers, which was a pleasant surprise!

Thanks for the input.

Ima Spedtcher

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My cleaner has higher standards for my house than I have ever had. I feel like I should be wearing gloves to use things. It's wonderful!

I just got a new housecleaner (she actually cleaned my house when she worked with the company I used) who is like this. She obviously did not approve of my treatment of my animals- she even washed their bowls :).

My housecleaner works by the hour. Her standard clean is wiping my louvered windows (total pain) dusting everything. She cleans ceiling fans, deep cleans bathrooms and kitchen, wipes doors and doorknobs, vacuums the couches, cleans floors ….basically she makes my house sparkle. She said she can do extras if I want like oven cleaning, cleaning and organizing kitchen cabinets, cleaning and organizing closets. I will probably take her up on that sometime.