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Coastal Grandmother


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Today I heard the expression "coastal grandmother" for the first time. I thought I was by definition a coastal grandmother since I live on the coast and I have grandchildren. However, it is apparently a lifestyle trend that doesn't require you to live on the coast or have grandchildren.

So I looked it up, and found a list of 10 things a coastal grandmother would do:

1. Steal her lover’s work button-down and wear it with worn-in jeans to dinner
2. Keep a pocket notebook to write poetic phrases when inspiration strikes
3. Pick fresh peonies from her garden (and just tend to a garden in general)
4. Exclusively use Le Labo laundry detergent
5. Open a bottle of red wine at 4 pm
6. Take long walks on the beach (either solo or with her beloved dog)
7. Wear a signature stack of gold jewelry, curated over time from flea markets
8. Swear by a capsule wardrobe—white, tan and shades of blue and green
9. Invite her friends over every week for afternoon tea
10.Show up to every occasion in a straw hat

Apparently I am NOT a coastal grandmother, because I only do #3 (I have a small garden) and #6 (sans dog).

Are any of you coastal grandmothers yet?


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I found this a few months ago. I just laughed because although I do live at the coast, I am not a grandmother (I’m only 41) but I’ve dressed like this since I was a teenager. I also can check off several characteristics from the list. :eek: So, yes my name is WordFountain and I am a Coastal Grandmother. LOL

Here are some quick & easy articles that explains the aesthetic if you’re so inclined (or like me & was really bored one day).




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coastal grandmother

This was new to me. I looked it up too and read an article that cited Diane Keaton's look in Something's Gotta Give. Love the beachy colors and walks on the beach. I may be a semi coastal grandmother wannabe. :)


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Coastal grandmother

I have seen this term popping up all over lately, especially in decor. To me, it looks vaguely beach’s, using only varying shades of white and beige.

Also I live on the west coast and I am a grandmother, and I do none of these.


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I'm a woodsy hippy granny and proud of it. My favorite wardrobe colors are whatever pair of jeans are clean, a tshirt and a long sleeved cotton shirt over that.


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Well, I do #3. No peonies but I have several gardens. I’m a milkweed and prairie plant grandma.

#5 with white, not red.

#6 on coast of Lake Michigan and in forest preserves and my neighborhood. I used to do that with my dog, but she’s been gone for 4 years.

Does that make me a coastal grandma?


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I like hearing everyone’s take on themselves. Thanks for sharing.

I’d like to clarify my earlier post: I am *not* trendy at all. I think it’s funny that the style and decor I’ve always liked and tend to lean towards is now considered in-style.

I like the quote from Thoreau: “I’m me, if I’m not who will be?” :D


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I guess I'm more of a woodsy hippy granny too, although there have been times that the cotton (or flannel) shirt might have been stolen from a lover. These days it's more likely to be a vented fishing shirt. I have carried a pocket notebook to jot down the locations of particular wildflowers or fungi. Does that count? I like a long walk on a beach when I can get to one, but it will most likely be on Lake Michigan. On the rare occasions that I drink alcohol, it's likely to be a craft ale. I'm more likely to be seen in a fabric bucket hat, possibly with mosquito netting, than a stylish straw hat. Most days I hopelessly lack chic.


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I had never heard the term and some are oddly very specific.

My mom lives 300 feet from the Maine coast, has 7 grandchildren, but only took short walks with her dog on the beach ( arthritis for both). Nothing else from the list!