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college problems


Rachel L

I have been having enormous problems with the academic advisors at my college. Everyone I talk to says that these advisors in the general advisors don't know anything, and they don't. If I get info from one of them, another tells me the complete opposite info. I went back to the advisors about something and asked them to put what they were telling me in writing and they refused. I am trying to get admitted to the teacher education program hopefully by the fall. I am planning on taking college-level math in the summer, which is the last requirement to be admitted. But I won't receive my grade until late August, and it takes 4-6 weeks to declare your major and have everything processed. By that time classes will have started and will be closed and I'll be stuck taking classes I don't need which would be a waist of money. I had one advisor tell me that they could give me a piece of paper saying that I am enrolled in college-level math and then go over to the teacher ed department to be approoved to take the teacher ed classes and enroll in the teacher ed classes before all the paperwork is finished. Now, I don't know if this is true or not cause I'm always given misinformation. Since I can't get a straight answer from any advisors, my thought is to go to the dean of general advising sometime this spring and tell him about all the problems I have had, and maybe he could give me something in writing. I know I'm supposed to go to academic advisors, but they are more of a problem than any help. I don't know if it is appropriate to go to the dean or not, but I really feel that I need to go to someone in charge, cause if I don't I have a feeling that nothing will get done and I'll have a semester where I have no classes I can take or take ones that don't count for anything because of not being in the teacher ed program.


Senior Member
Is it free?

At the university where I earned my bachelors I had an academic advisor that really came through for me in a pinch a few times. It was also the school's policy to put everything in writing to protect them and the students. As far as I'm concerned that should be a standard policy everywhere, but as you and I have found out, it isn't.

At the university I currently attend I am working towards a multiple subject credential and masters. I've had a few situations so far that were less than ideal, but so far no biggie. Presently I have a situation developing with my student teaching assignment about to begin near the end of the month. I think I know how this decision will turn out, but I'm also fairly confident they will not offer anything in writing. I plan on not budging on this one. When it comes right down to it I am not receiving this education for free and at no time are grades ever "given" to me. I am paying for my education and doing all the required work and as a result I expect a reasonable level of service from the school. I think you should expect the same. If you don't get satisfaction from a reasonable request then you need to take it to the next level in a respectful way. Just let people know that you take your education seriously and want to avoid any preventable incidents.