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Columbus across the world

F. Katz

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I'm about to teach European explorers now, and I'm looking for creative lesson plans and activities.Do you have any ideas?


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Flip Flap Book

I find that the best thing to do with explorers is a flip flap book. Especially when discussing 4 or more explorers. The kids like doing them because not only is it a little different but they get to draw pictures too. I hope you know what a flip flap book is. If not email me and I'll reply with the directions.

I have also done power point presentations with explorers. Each explorer gets a slide and a picture!



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How ironic - a flap book was the only interesting thing I could think of! Any one else have a suggestion?


Travel Brochures

Well, I did some research, and the best idea so far is a travel brochure. In the brochure students had to fill out things we learned. For example they had to fill out the following:1) Choose one explorer
2) Sponsors ( who sent him)
3) Date of departure
4) Means of travel
5)Luggage Checklist(If they can take along 5 things-what would they be?)
6)Write about one day in the life of a sailor aboard the ship .
7)Write about the destination
8) Draw an official flag of the destination .
9) Draw a picture of the destination.
I found that this worked really well with my students.