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Comfortable Shoes


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Do comfortable shoes exist? My dogs hurt so much at the end of the day. The hurt in the heal and they hurt midway between the heal and toe on the arch side. I like to wear sandals. Do you have any brands to recommend?


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Comfortable shoes

CLARKS, CLARKS, CLARKS...They are expensive. But, they are worth it. Try Boscovs or the Outlets for sales. Good luck!! :)


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I love my Merrell but I don't wear the sandals, I wear the slip ons and they look fine with skirts. I also wear Keen and Naot. I have a pair of Naot slip ons and am going to splurge on a pair of sandals.


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I would break down and go to a store that has a trained staff to fit you and that knows their brands. Usually they are able to suggest a shoe that works. My childhood was spent in ugly built up shoes with metal braces. Now, the clerk at my favorite shoe store is my hero. It isn't the brand so much as the fit.


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Dansko or Sanita make a professional shoe.... They are expensive, but worth it. They were originally made for nurses I believe. I love them.

Born and Merrell make nice comfortable shoes too....

Pay for GOOD shoes, they are worth it.

Ima Teacher

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Yes, comfortable shoes exist, but you have to have them fitted properly to your feet.

One of my friends can wear only Crocs, and they were even recommended by her podiatrist. I can't wear them. They absolutely kill my feet.

I have short, wide feet with high arches. The back of my heel is made differently than most, and I have arthritis in my ankles and toes. What works for my foot issues may not work for anyone else.

I also can't wear completely flat shoes. I need a slight heel or wedge. I absolutely love my Sofft heels, and I also have some Soft Spots heels that I wear all the time. I wear sandals March to late October.


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I have had back issues this year and the only shoes that I can wear are Danskos, Simple tennis shoes, and Toms. Toms are ugly but they have a cork bottom and they are so comfortable.

Lady Di

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Yes, they exist!

I wear Birkenstocks, Born, and Dansko - they are worth every penny. I have a brown pair and a black pair of each one, so I can match with just about anything.


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I splurged on a pair of Naot slip ons. My daughters say they look like old lady shoes, but they really don't. They are so comfortable and have lots of support. It pays to buy really good shoes.


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I finally broke down a couple of years ago and bought a pair of Birkenstocks. They are the MOST COMFORTABLE shoes I've EVER owned! I have 2 pair that i alternate. They really have some cute styles. They don't have just the 'Jesus' shoes like they did back in the 90's. It takes a few days for the footbed to mold to your foot, but after that they are INCREDIBLE.


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Privo by Clarks

I bought a pair this fall for he first time and just picked up another pair. They fit my feet well and feel so good to walk in. I tried Dansko and they did not work for me. I was so disappointed. Keep looking for suggestions and see what works for you. I also have good luck with Bjorn and Clarks.


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Although expensive, the best sandals for my days of standing ALL Day are Naot's Rome sandal. With any of the other "comfort" shoes, I still have to make sure I do not wear the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row. I can wear the Rome day after day in comfort. The innersoles can be replaced as needed, making these sandals a good value. I just "retired a pair that I wore almost daily for 5 years in the months of March- October. Still looking for a winter shoe that compares!