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computer activities for pre-k



Help! I am looking for age appropriate computer activities for the pre-kindergarten level.


My favorites are

all by the company EDMARK. They are not the newest out there, but very well designed in my opinion. Sammy's Science House, Millie's Math House, Bailey's Book House, etc. I believe I got a few of them at Office Depot and ordered some others. I used these when I taught special education preschool, reg. ed. Kindergarten and plan to dig them out for my new PreK class. They are very user friendly and open-ended. LOVE them! Hope that helps.


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You should check out www.starfall.com or www.storyplace.org.

Starfall focuses on letters and letter sounds for pre-k kids, and Storypeople has stories and songs students can read along with. Both are really engaging and my students (special ed, 3-5 year olds) love them. They're very appropriate for young children and easy to learn how to play on independently. And they're free!

Mrs Mac

Computer games

Publix Preschool Club sponsered by the grocery store Publix has a great free CD that my students love. I teach Sp. Ed. Preschool ages 3-5. The level of difficulty of the game can be changed and there is are about 5 or 6 different activities from colors to matching to do. It's well worth going online to Publix.com and joining the free preschool club.