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Computer class for kids



Hello everbody, I'm from Aruba and i'm studying to become a kindergarten teacher. I've already given plenty of lessons . But at te school that I'm studying for teacher we have a class of ICT and for a project to get our evaluacion score we have to look for as many teachers/educators from abroad to find out how computer technoogy / ICT is being use in their country. So what I'm asking is if you have time to answer me some questions that are:
Where do you teach?
Do they use ict in kindergarten and elementary school in your country?
Are there enough comp. in the school?
Are there a special lesson for computer tech. in your school/country?
What type of program do they teach kindergarten and elementary school on the computer ?
How do the children dea with comps.?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of ICT for kids?

If you are so kind to answer these questions i would be so very gratefull.