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Computers during centers


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Does anyone let the children use classroom computers during centers? If yes, I am trying to decide if I let them choose which one they want or set it up and say do what is there? I want to give them options but dont know how it will work trying to rotate through the groups?
We have two new fast computers and would love to use one for the kids at centers but as you can tell not sure how to put it all together. :)
Thanks for any suggestions.


set it up--they do what you want

computers are exciting, and just getting to use the computer, period, is a treat. i make sure that I'm in charge of what they're working on--that way, i can tailor the activity to the specific child, curricular unit, whatever.

it's always MUCH easier to go from "i decide" to "your choice" than the other way round, too. That alone is a good reason to start it out with explicit, mandatory directions.



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We have one computer and I use it during center time, the day before we start I show them what I want them to do or how to play the game, then the children rotate through with two children on the computer each day, when everyone has had a turn I change the game or activity. I agree with the last poster that switching from a set thing to do to giving them the choice is easier then the other way around.



I have 3 computers in my room for use during centers. We use a reading and math program Successmaker, which each student must be on DAILY, so some students complete that, while the other students go to www.starfall.com Its a phonics site that utilizes technology to facilitate learning! You should try that.


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I always tell them what they can be on. Each chld may be on a diffrent program depending on what they need. STARFALL.COM is always a good fallback if the kids don't know what else to get on.


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make it a center

I make computers a center in my classroom. I tell them which program to be on. If they choose a to go to a different program, they lose computer priveleges for the week.

By the way, each child does not have to have his/her own computer. One can type and one can click the mouse. Take turns.

I rotated the different programs they would use. We have a lot of software so I would set the programs up for them to run. I would also have students type spelling words on the computer or type spelling sentences on the computer. I think this year they might write a sentence for each high frequency word.


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thank you

thanks to each of you, I am going to start on Monday and use starfall, i have been there before and love that site.

thanks again