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Conference Help


Junior Member
I am a new teacher and our conferences are coming up soon. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. We only have 10 minutes for each parent, and we give them the report cards and go over them with them and everything. What else do you discuss? I know 10 mins. is not long, but are there any handouts or anything you give out? What's the usual format of a conference? Any help at all would be much appreciated! I'm a little bit freaked out right now..eeek!


Senior Member

I saw somewhere on this post a pre-conference form. I changed it a little and I really like it.
It is working great for me. (yesterday I began my conferences) The parents wrote something that they would really like to discuss which gives me an opportunity to be prepared and I also write down one of my concerns. Make it brief,listen to them and ask do you have any additional questions. If I talk to much time goes by too fast. I try to make it short and sweet staying on topic. Good luck. Mine are today and tonight.
Also, I had some grades to show them to prepare them for the up and coming report cards due in a few weeks. I also have a folder of writings to show them while they wait.