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I am really tired of getting no time to prepare for conferences. Is this the only school that expects teachers to conference after or before class? We received no time out of class or without kids to conference. We then have to wait for specials teachers to give us their grades. I think I need a day off! Anyone else getting the blues over this?


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WE conference from 1 in the afternoon until 8 at night~ :rolleyes:
We have the students till noon.
The only bright side is we get Friday off with pay.


We also have conference times scheduled before and after school with no extra time to prepare. The students leave by 3:45, and conferences start at 4:00. In that amount of time I like to~straighten up the classroom, go to the bathroom, reapply my lip gloss, comb my hair, have a snack, and pop in a breath mint.

At the school my friend teaches at, they get a day off with no students, and they do their conferences that day.


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1/2 Day

We have conferences twice a year. Each time, the students leave at noon, and our conferences start at 12:15. I usually prepare for them the day before, since there's really not time in between students leaving and parents coming in.

Where I worked last year, we had the whole day off without students. Of course, I had many more students at that school, so I needed that time anyway.


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Our county schedules conferences the week of Thanksgiving. School is in session for a half day on Monday and Tuesday, with conferences starting after the students leave. We have the option of working till 6:00 on both those evenings, and then taking Wednesday off, which allows for a LONG Thanksgiving weekend. Since I teach 2 sessions of half-day kindergarten, I have no students that week, but begin conferences Monday morning.