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Does anyone have a good way to keep track of your students during conferences? Who you met with? What you discussed. If you have anything that you could attach that would be great!

Mrs. R

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My conference form is really simple. It's similar to the one I was shown at the TC Writing Institute a few years ago. I jot the date in corner of each box. I get to everyone in a week. This is my form from last year. This year I have 20 so the boxes are a little smaller. That one is on my computer at school. Where it says "Name" I just went ahead and typed in each child's name before I copied the form. C= compliment. That's where I note something the child is doing well. TP= teaching point. That's where I jot down my teaching point during the conference. I keep them all inside a compartment clipboard. I like referring back to last week's TP to see if they're using it or not. Sometimes I'll jot down notes on the side of the form if I see a lot of students who need help with a particular concept, usually mechanics, so I can do a quick small group lesson.
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This is great!

I've been working on a lesson plan template with conference space included. I'm going to use yours on the back of my tempate.