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confession of irresponsible behavior

Miss C

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Okay, y'all. I'm generally a very responsible person. Staid, dependable, upstanding, all that good stuff. But this week, we've been testing, and it just kind of gets to you after a while. It's stressful. So that's what I'm blaming this escapade on. Testing made my brain snap. :(
First of all, let me say that nothing I did was illegal (I don't think it was illegal anyway), and I never broke the speed limit. Yesterday anyway. Other times I have, but never more than 5 over in town and 10 over on the interstate. But I digress.......
So yesterday I pull up to a stoplight and a guy in a BIG old SUV type thing (late '80's, early '90's maybe) pulled up next to me. The turn arrow turned green (I was going straight and my light was still red) and I kind of let off my brake for a minute and then stepped right back on it. The guy saw me start to go and he followed suit. It was a little funny, so I laughed a little bit. Not much. Just a little, bitty bit. Well, next thing I know, Mr. big-old-SUV starts revving his engine. I'm thinking "Whatever, dude." He kept on, though, so, very suddenly, responsible Miss C was gone and a maniacal driver had replaced her! I reached over, turned my fuel saver off and revved my engine right back. When the light turned green, I completely left him in the dust (in my little Corolla. Go figure). I thought it was funny, so, still smiling, I pulled up to the next stoplight. Lo and behold, Mr. big-old-SUV-driver pulls up next to me again and revs his engine again. So I thought again, "Okay. You wanna play this, dude, I can play this. You see where you end up, man!" (Like I said, I'm not usually like this. Really!). And, again, when the light turned green, he was left waaaaaaaaaaay behind me. Of course, by this point, I was laughing like the maniac that I apparently am. :p
I'm glad today is the last day of testing. I miss the old me. Just a little bit, though. Maybe. Then again......... ;)
But the next time a guy in a big old SUV pulls up beside me, he better watch out!
Goal for today: Keep my mouth shut about this incident when talking to my kids. Must not give them license to do such unthinkable things! Kids these days!
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