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Confused about maternity leave/benefits



I also cross posted this on the job search because I don't really know where to put it!

I have worked for two and a half years in one county and I am thinking about a move to an adjacent county. My husband and I are seriously thinking of starting our family in the next few months. I am confused about maternity leaves. I know in our county you have to be an employee for at least a year before getting the 12 week leave through Family Medical Leave Act. If I move counties, will I have to work a year before getting a maternity leave? Will medical bills be covered, or do I also have to wait a year to get those benefits?

I'm getting pretty major baby fever and don't really want to have to wait a whole another year! :) If anyone has information about maternity leaves and/or materninty benefits, please let me know!


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If you are not already pregnant, I advise buying as much disability insurance you can get. In my system, you use earned sick days and draw disability insurance and that's your "maternity leave."

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Where you live

It may depend on where you live. Where I am, each town or regional school district is a separate employer so service in one district would have nothing to do with another. But that may be different in different places. You might need to check with the appropriate government agency. Good luck.