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Confusing relationship


so confused

I've been hanging out/going out with this man and he originally said that he didn't want to get into a relationship but just wanted to hang out as "friends". Then one night we ended up getting intimate but I figured it was one of those "flukes" that happens with friends sometimes so I didn't question him about it. Now though whenever I mention anything about him maybe seeing another girl or if I call him a friend when introducing him he gets upset. I'm so confused because he's told me a few times now that there isnt going to be any other girl and that he's more than a friend but it was his idea to just be friends in the first place so I don't know why now he's insisting he's MORE than that. If that's how he feels why isn't he saying it more clearly? And why is he getting so upset? I thought this was what he wanted? I wouldn't be against a relationship with him but I figured he asked to be friends so friends would be what we'd have to be. What do you all think? I'm very confused by the mixed signals I keep getting. I tried reading "He's just not that into you" but I didn't really get much help from it like I thought I would.


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If you are confused about where your relationship stands point blank ask him. Sounds to me like he thought the intamacy took your relationship to a new level whether or not you were aware. Just ask.


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He's into you...I think

I would think that he is into you, since he gets upset when you introduce him as a friend or mention his going out with other girls. I agree with the previous poster...He assumes that messing around meant you were more than friends. I also think you should just ask. Tell him you're confused, since he was adamant about being friends but is now acting differently.


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I don't want to be mean...

but, it seems weird that you were close enough that you "ended up getting intimate," yet you don't talk about your relationship. ASK him what he would like in the relationship. Then talk about your own feelings. A relationship is much more than hanging out and getting intimate.