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Consent Forms and Slide show songs sugg.



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Hello My Favorite Teachers! I hope all is well! Any who, KNOCK KNOCK!!! Guess whose back!?! Ok so I have another one of my famous ?s I want to create a slide show of my class, but I don’t want to get in by taking pictures of my students w/o parental consent, so I wanted to send home a consent form prior and was hoping someone on here had a template of one they had done already; just so I know all my bases are covered in regards to photographing and things of that nature. Lastly, does anyone have any slideshow song suggestions!? Something up beat, cuties and first grade/parent friendly, or maybe something slow IDK any feed back as always is greatly appreciated! Thank in advance!


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Does your school have a photo permission slip that it uses? My school does, therefore I am covered for any pictures I take in class.

I don't have a form, sorry.