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Considering a switch to TK



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TK - transitional kindergarten. In CA it is considered "the first year of a two year kindergarten program".

20 kids, one teacher and a full time aide
developmentally appropriate
freedom in curriculum and schedule (at least for now)
these last two years have been so hard, I feel like I need some kind of change

they are YOUNG
will need to basically create a curriculum
changing rooms (I love my room)
cleaning out my room
I've been in K for 16 years and still (usually) really enjoy it, and I have a lot of great routines, resources, etc. in place that are effective
I will be the only TK teacher for now, so although my K team will still kind of be my team, it will still be different

At this point I'm so torn. Any thoughts or experiences?


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Will TK be a permanent program or just a pilot or grant funded?

If you take it and it’s discontinued, you may not get your k position back.

Is TK a passion of yours? It will be a lot of work, but maybe that’s something you want/ need.

I’m big on security, so if I still enjoyed k, I’d stay. You would be a resource/ buddy teacher to the new TK teacher.

Make a pro/con list, then decide. Keep us posted!


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Will TK be a permanent program or just a pilot or grant funded?
Permanent. California is moving to universal TK, so the numbers will actually just get bigger every year for a while.
Is TK a passion of yours?
I wouldn't say it's a passion, but I am passionate about DAP which is a constant fight in K. The thought of having the freedom to do it without fighting for it is appealing.


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Let us know what you decide. Making a Pros and Cons list always helps me with important decisions.

One thing to consider is how you would feel if someone else were to teach it, and it conflicted with how YOU would do it. Would that bother you?

What are DAPs?

Whatever you decide , it’s a win win. You’ll love whatever you decide to do. Good luck!


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That's so exciting! I hope you absolutely love it. As Munchins said, trying it out risk free is amazing. Please keep us updated next year!