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convincing a parent to take child's needs ser


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How do you convince a parent to take a child's needs seriously? I have a child who has an older sibling who has serious issues. The older child gets all of the attention. I have brought my student's issues to his mother's attention on several occasions. She just refuses to believe them. She told me Mrs. So and So (previous teacher) never had a problem so there mustn't be any problem. This kid is crying out for help and mom just tells me thei issues don't exist. How do you convince a mother that she isn't paying any attention to this kid and she isn't doing him any favors by denying the problems.


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You can't

I've been in that situation before, and you can't do anything other than talk to them and give them examples to show why you're concerned. After that, it's their responsibility, and you did all you could. The only exception is that if you suspect the child is abused/neglected, your responsibility is to report it.


I've been that parent. Both of my boys have ADHD, but it took over a year for me to believe that about my younger son. My older son has other issues, beyond the ADHD, that my younger one does not.

I fought my younger son's teacher for an entire year. I was just not emotionally or mentally able to take on the challenge for even more Dr.'s appointments, assessments, medications, etc.

His teacher was kind, patient, and persistent in pointing out the issues that came up in school. It wasn't until the next year, and the next teacher, that I finally had the assessment done. I don't regret waiting, as he was only in kindergarten. However, I am thankful for his teacher's persistence. It made hearing his 1st grade teacher easier.

Keep talking.