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cookie mix in a jar


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Has anyone ever made a gift of a cookie mix in a jar? I got one last year from a student and thought it was wondeful. I would like to let my students make some for their parents for christmas gifts but have no clue as how to begin. Any suggestions?


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Google it

I know when I did it once before I googled it to get a recipe. There were lots to choose from. I had jars that I had got at a garage sale and used those. Hope that helps. Good luck! :s)


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I love this website for recipes, no matter what I'm looking for. Lisa's Cooking Cache has anything you would want. The category is Gifts in a Jar and I believe there would also be muffin mixes, soup mixes, cocoa, etc. www.cookingcache.com


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Recipes in a Jar

My mom gave me a dozen mason jars with recipes in them last year. Some were goodies, like cookies and brownies, but there was soup, dip mix, and cornbread too. I loved them! She said she searched "recipe in a jar" on the internet to get them all.


Great Idea!

Thanks for the ideas about mixes in jars! I have been trying to think of some fun, personable, and affordable gifts. I love this idea!