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Couple Questions for Social Studies

Social Studies 


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The next unit I am teaching is about government. I have my packet ready, extra sheets lined up to include as supplement to the book, but I am needing a fun activity to start the unit. I want something fun and exciting for the kids to do to start. Any suggestions for introductory activities for government?

Second, I need a project idea for the government unit. I was thinking of doing some sort of debate/election type of activity, but that may take awhile to start and finish. My next idea was political posters of some sort. Students could pick if they wanted to run for President, senate, a representative, or a mayor. Any suggestions for a final project?

Lastly, I am looking to start a bit of world geography stuff with my classes. I have a big poster of the world that I am going to laminate and put on an empty bulletin board. I would like to find a place where I can print off a one page information sheet of for countries? I found quite a few sites that offer a lot of information, but when printed, it's 4-5 pages. I want to get the basics on a sheet so I can laminate and attach via string to the world map. Any suggestions for sites to look at?

1. Government introductory activities?
2. Final project ideas for government?
3. Site to find information on countries, one page information sheet?

Thank you!


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Teacher Tube used to have some great videos to introduce government. I'd start there. If they don't have anything, what about a picture book? We the Kids by David Catrow is a real favorite of mine.


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Depending on what you start with...

I used to start my government unit with watching the School House Rock video "3 Ring Circus" which talks about the 3 branches of Government and we'd do a KWL, then the following day I'd start with the Legislative branch by introducing laws and bills. I did that by having students play a game with no rules and it's hilarious watching them try to figure it out (only do this for about 2 mins otherwise fights will break out), which leads into a discussion about rules which turns into laws. I also used "I'm Just a Bill" from School House Rock. Just some ideas to get you started, I'd love any new ideas as well