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Covid question


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I had lunch with someone who should not have been there. She tested positive for covid tonight. I’m mad because she wasn’t feeling great and her husband had covid about 2 weeks ago. Irresponsible of her in my opinion.
However - what happens now for me? Can I go about my business- which really is just grocery store, bank etc. I was going to get my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter Sunday, but now I’m not sure that’s a good idea.


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If you're vaccinated you just go about your business and watch for symptoms. But, I think the smart and considerate thing to do is to at least wear a mask for awhile and test after a few days even if you don't develop symptoms.

Sorry your friend was irresponsible <!--grumpy-->


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I think it would be considerate to wear a mask on errands since you know you were definitely exposed. Watch for symptoms and test even if it's a symptom that could be explained away by something else.

I would ask granddaughter's parents what they want to do for Sunday, given the situation.

FWIW, I've been exposed so many times over the past 6 months and haven't gotten it from any of those. If I quarantined for every exposure I'd never leave my house! But I do think it's respectful to let anyone you'd be interacting with for longer periods of time (i.e. social events) know and let them decide/be respectful of their wishes.


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I am sorry she was so irresponsible.

I have a hard time understanding people who show up sick nowadays.
I used to understand more because a lot of us had to go to work sick or not.
Looking back, that was really wrong too.
Personally, if I thought I'd been exposed, I'd stay away from others as much as possible. I'd wait about 4-5 days before testing if I did not have any symptoms.
Best wishes!
Hopefully, it will be OK. I had a friend fly up here a few weeks ago and stay. She had the sniffles, sneezes, and slight cough.
I ended up with the same, but got over it quickly. I stayed home for a week though and told people not to come over just in case.


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If it were me I’d wear a mask everywhere and watch carefully for symptoms. At the first sign of a symptom I’d stay home. And I think it’s best to cancel your time with your granddaughter :(

These days it’s so prevalent I kind of assume I’m being exposed everywhere I go. :p I wear a mask as much as possible but I realize that wasn’t a situation in which you could have worn a mask.

Ima Teacher

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I was with my BFF for three days, which included overnight and in vehicles. She had no symptoms while we were together. She tested positive later that week. We have both had four vaccines each. She quarantined 5 days at home, then came out of quarantine with a mask. She tested negative, too.

DH and I have both tested negative. We went about our business, but wore a mask if we were going to be near anyone. Basically we were just home anyway.

I’d go about your business, wear a mask if you’re close contact with anyone, and maybe postpone the granddaughter visit.


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As PPs have said, wear a mask and test after a few days regardless of how you feel. Some people are asymptomatic but can still pass the virus to others. I would wear the mask for 5-7 days regardless.


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i think i'm just saying the same thing everyone else is, but...

yep--do your thing--with a mask--for a week. i would bail on seeing the granddaughter.


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As long as you have no symptoms, you can go about your normal routine while wearing a mask. If you have symptoms, isolate.

In May, my husband tested positive on a Friday. (Unvaccinated) I started having symptoms two days later on Sunday. I got tested Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. I didn’t test positive until Wednesday. (Fully vaccinated).

Use common sense precautions -and IMO, if my son was supposed to spend time with his grandmother and I knew she’d been exposed, I would make him wait.


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What everyone else said. I will add that even if you get symptoms and test negative, keep testing for a few days. It took me 4 days after having slight symptoms to finally test positive in January with home tests. Same thing happened to adult DD in March and she lives in UK.

If no symptoms, test 5 days after exposure.


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I would take a Covid test at home in 5 days. In the meantime go about your business wearing a mask everywhere. Don't eat at restaurants until the 5 day period is up, and you have a negative result.