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Craft help needed


Senior Member
Does anyone have any clever ideas for a way to use clip earrings? I have a lot of clip earrings from my grandmother and aunt. They are a little larger than I wear and want to put them to good use. I have used them to clip scarves, etc.. but was looking for another idea..



Before you toss the earrings aside you may want to check their value. Old costume jewery is can be worth more than you think. When a former neighbor of our family went into a nursing home, her nephew held an auction, including tables full of jewelry. My sister and I spotted a simple pin that was a thin red bar with 4 small baubbles hanging from it. We started bidding low, but when it kept going up, we had to stop - it went for over $400! If the earrings are not valuable but you would like to keep them, you could make them into pins, use with ribbon on presents, put in a shadow box with pictues of grandmother and aunt. If you have a local theater, you could donate them for costume jewelry.