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Cream Cheese Frosting


Senior Member
I have a very small amount of cream cheese frosting. What can I use it for? When I say small, I mean that I tried to make cinnamon roll pancakes and they didn't turn out. It was only for like a serving of 4 pancakes. Thanks!


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Do you have the ingredients to make muffins or quick-breads? Anything like pumpkin or spiced flavoring would work well with the icing. A lot of trouble to use a little icing, but if you want to use the icing...

or, do you have any cookies in the house? You could spread the icing between two cookies, or use it as a dip.


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I will eat it. You could put cream cheese frosting on a shoe and I would eat it. :)

If you have cinnamon raisin bread, its good as a spread. If you have heath bar pieces, stir it in and use it as a dip with apple slices.

Mrs. H WI

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How about making a small pan of brownies and frost with frosting and sprinkles of crushed candy cane.

Mrs. H