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Creative ideas needed


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Hi, I teach first grade but once a week we have a whole school swap where each teacher ends up with up to 30 kids that range in age from 5-11 for an hour. we are supposed to use this time for something fun, like crafts, or video, or we can even take a group down to the park if we have enough adults. I am getting stuck thinking of ideas to use in this time and would appreciate if anyone had anything a bit different to suggest.


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Mixed ages

How about reading the group a familiar story like: 3 Little Pigs, Little Red Hen or 3 Billy Goats Gruff. Then break them into mixed age groups to make props and or simple mask type costumes to act out the story. They can be very creative with a little glue, paint, paper, cardboard and fabric. My little preschoolers acted out the 3 Little Pigs yesterday. I gave one group a piece of poster board cut like a house that could stand, (by folding in the sides, so during the play they could squat down behind it and was still easy enough to "blow down") and glue and straw, one goup had the same house shape but popsicle sticks to glue, the third sponge painted bricks on their house. Others could create the character masks.


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more ideas

Have some of the older ones read to the younger. Then have them make a no cooking snack to go along with the story.

Go around the school and everyone help pick up trash

draw pictures for someone that is sick

sing silly songs together, or teach some new silly songs

I like the previous post about doing a play.

make something for a less fortunate person/family /group. Check out the linus project, they make no sew blankets. I think you might be able to work it so even the little ones could help with it. (Maybe) but you could probably find something to do/make for charity.


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mixed age ideas

How about teaching them some basic card games and board games? Both older and younger kids love them. The older kids can teach the younger ones and can also monitor behavior.