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Creative Writing with Gourds?


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The local farmer's market had fall gourds for 10 cents a piece, and I bought one for each child in my class.

I'd like to send home some type of extension/extra credit project for them to complete with these gourds, since my school schedule is quite hectic between now and Thanksgiving.

I was thinking of having them turn their gourd into a person/animal and then either writing a descriptive paragraph or a story about their gourd.

I'm still in the brainstorming phase, and am looking for ideas that so I can send a letter (and the gourds) home early this week!



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You could incoprorate science into it too...

You can have them place the gourds somewhere and keep a journal about what it looks like (smells like) each day. Tell them you want REALLY good discriptive words and see how long it takes to rot (or until mom can't stand it anymore and throws it away).