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Cset 911!!


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I am currently a substitute teacher and am working on a multiple subject credential. I have completed all of my courses except for one which is 'student teaching'. In order to start this I must pass the rigorous exam..........CSET- California Subject Examination Test. For those of you that are not familiar there are 7 subject areas composed into three subtests.
Subtest I: Reading, Language, and Literature
History and Social Science
SubtestII: Science and Mathematics
SubtestIII Physical Education, Human Development, Visual and Performing Arts.

I have already passed Subtest III, and I have two more chances to pass the the other 2. I have taken this exam at least 3 times and am becoming frustrated and also not to mention the $70.00 each subtest that is exhausting as well!!! Has anyone taken this exam?? Is there any advice on test taking skills or study skills. I have the infamous CSET cliff note book already. HELP!!


Have you examined these guides

Study Guides


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CSET Nightmare

I'm sorry I don't have any advice to give you, but I've been there! I had my troubles with the MSAT (the test they gave before coming up with the CSET). I missed passing by ONE POINT!!! For $ they would "rescore" my test to see if they made a mistake, or they could give me more points for the written section. I got nothing, except an extra charge for the rescore AND I had to take the test over again on top of that! Mind you, I passed the 2nd time by 6 points. It's luck of the draw.

I guess if I were in your situation I'd try to know the definitions of each subjects' "buzz words". Also, have you taken the subtests all in one day, or each subtest on its own day? Can you study with someone who has already passed the test?

Good luck, I feel your pain!