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CSI last night?


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wow glad I stayed up past my bedtime for that one! I don't watch the show religiously but CSI was awesome last night!! Anyone else catch it!?


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My husband and I are big CSI fans. We had seen this one before on SPKE. They showed it during the regular hour long slot and we were so worried that they wouldnt' show the second hour that night. Imagine our relief when the concluding hour came on next!!

It's funny how caught up in characters we became. Last night's episode was directed by Quentin Tarintino, couldn't you tell?


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CSI...A Year Later! :-)

Since we get all of our tv shows from AFN, Armed Forces Network, we won't get "last night's CSI" or Grey's Anatomy until a year from now. Heck...we just saw the last episode of "The Biggest Loser" with Matt and Suzy 2 weeks ago, and they won prior to Christmas. Sometimes living overseas can have its drawbacks. On the positive side...we saw much of the Olympics LIVE, even though it was all in German! :-) And, reading is much easier, as there isn't anything on tv to watch. There's always something in which to see the "glass half empty/full", isn't there?


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CSI Episode

That episode was the season finale for CSI last year. You could really feel the difference that Quentin Tarentino made as director. I agree--fantastic TV!