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culture exchange



This is a strange request, but my son is part of a Japanese/American exchange program. There are 8 middle school students (4 boys, 4 girls) going to Japan in the spring. The Japanese kids were just here and what a great experience! Anyway, when the American kids go to Japan they will be doing a culture exchange activity. The director of the program wants the students to come up with something they can share about our culture. It must be something with very little language, and she asked that we not use holidays, or sports as this has been done in the past. We're havig a difficult time coming up with anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (We're from Michigan, if that matters.)


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How about

You could do visual projects on clothing, or recreation.

You could do toys, and things like this. I really feel that those two things would be a cultural difference from Japanese culture.

Mrs C

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4 more

Food, TV, celebrities, & music are 4 things which leap to mind for that age level.