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Curious to know....



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How many districts have gone to scripted programs. We started this year with LearnZillion and SRA (try making 6th graders wait for "what sound? What word?").

It takes me hours to prepare a lesson using their script because it's very detailed and new material for me. It's worksheet dependent and my kids can do very little of it independently so I instruct almost the entire 90 mns of each block (I have 3). The texts are not high interest at all so I'm having management issues. I've begged to attend trainings over it but haven't been sent to available ones. Just kinda depressed this year that I can no longer put any kind of personal flair into what I do everyday if it's not in their plans.

My team meet twice a week for meetings during planning (looking back and looking forward) though I'm not sure why since they want all of us to be at the same place in the curriculum (right). I'm sorry but I need my 45 minutes of peace a day to keep caught up and organized/call parents if needed.

Everyone seems to be loving it except myself and a few other outspoken veterans. Is this a thing at other schools too?


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It's not really a thing at my school. We have scripted curricula, but I view all curricula as a smörgåsbord. I pick and choose what works for me. Our admin says we are beholden to the standards, not the curricula. It's up to individual teachers how they meet the standards.

I'm sorry you're frustrated. That sounds awful.


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Our ELA curriculum is also very scripted, but we arent made to follow it to the T. A lot of programs seem to be very scripted these days. They seem to be making them "teacher proof" (as in you dont have to be a good teacher to teach them). Its up to admin to give leeway for stepping back from the curriculum or demanding lock step. Ours chooses to give us leeway which some use VERYYYYYYY liberally.


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WE went to scripted reading and math

programs many yrs ago. In order to get a job in the district, you had to state w/ passion the party line of fidelity to the program. I dislike the word "fidelity with a passion....lol
I worked in the district already and it was very hard to learn and implement. It was time consuming too.
They did the same as your school..They made it sound like any person off the street could teach using the programs.
All I can tell you is this: Be patient, try to learn the basics anyway you can. ( I learned a lot by reading because it was the only way at 1st to learn.) Teach your kids the buzz words and routines that go along with it. It makes you look cooperative. ( Once they've bought the program, you couldn't change it here unless everyone joined together and screamed. (Did not happen...)
The district has wasted an unreal amount of $ to pay consultants who come once in a blue moon. You can ask them a lot of things if you do it with a voice of curiosity, but not disdain... ;)
I learned to carry the script w/ me opened. Inside, I seriously often had a paper with my own stuff in case I had to pretend to read their script. I seriously did it once when the consultant was there and she never noticed what I was doing! :D ( Not sure if I'd advise this because it took a lot of work...)
Their script was boring and the vocab was not on the right level for many of my kids. Plus, the pace was totally off for our population.
The good and bad news: Our district lost $$$. ( It used to be well off.) They could not buy a new program is my guess. We are not expected to follow it to a tea anymore. We still have to use the books and manipulates, but have more freedom in what we do.
I have not had to carry around a script book with me for yrs. I learned a few new things that I liked from the program and still use those things. The rest, I am glad we do not have to do. The bad news: It probably took 8 yrs before we stopped hearing the word "fidelity to the program." It reminded me of brainwashing. Plus, some admin are slow to catch on that it is not working. (Especially if teachers are told to leave if they won't do it w/ fidelity. That is the F word to me.) <!--pumpkin_pie-->


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We have a scripted language arts program, but luckily our admin looks at curriculum as one tool of many to be used to teach the standards. I don't follow it much at all, although I know many teachers who do.
I've had lots of friends work in districts where admin expected to be able to walk through all of the classrooms of one grade level and hear a continual lesson. I think I would die.


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Thanks so much...

for the information! I dared to use a sheet I found on TPT (it was a workbook that corresponded to the Learnzillion unit since my district didn't buy those)....same info but different font....you would have thought I'd arrived in the town square with a scarlet "A" on my dress! <!--giggle-->
I get the concept of trying new things if test scores aren't at the desired level BUT they didn't fully research it themselves or bother to properly train us before throwing it into our laps and then glaring if they don't see some magic happening.

I'm pretty ready to leave at this point when the daily stress from curriculum is added to the stress of admin collecting surveys on me from the kids (still haven't heard anything from that). I'm becoming a bitter boring teacher and I know I'm not being the best mom to my daughter at this point. I can't move too far district wise because there's the ex-husband thing and getting my daughter to/from whatever school. It's either continue to deal with this nonsense, hope a position opens up in another district near me, or quit and work at Old Navy :) <!--leaves_fall-->


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I’ve always had to use scripted curriculum but for some u needed to supplement a bit & it was highly recommended at some schools to even ditch the scripted stuff/curriculum. However I found my math program very scripted yet good, for awhile. Another scripted program was a remedial curriculum I was supposed to use w below grade level kids the entire ELA block and it was so scripted/redundant it sucked my ability to be creative out of me after awhile!


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The policy at my school is a smile and nod then close your door and do what is best for you/your class. If a downtown person shows up, stick to scripted plan otherwise carry on with what works.