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Curly hair?


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Any curly haired girls out there? I have incredibly curly hair and I have been blowing it out straight for years. I am really getting tired of it<!--yawn-->. I am looking for some good hair products so that I can go more natural. I am a little bit "high maintenance" and enjoy it (very girly)...but the hair thing is getting old. We are in the process of adopting and I also just don't know if I will have the time with kiddos around:eek:.
Any great "curly hair" hair products that you just couldn't live without?<!--lovestruck-->


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Fructis has this new curl defining spray gel that is WONDERFUL. I used it today in fact. Just 5-6 squirts and a little scrunch. Don't put more because you'll end up "crunchy" (personally I hate that hard hair feeling). I do still dry it straight but occasionally I let my hair "rest" by letting it go back to its natural curl. Have fun! Everyone at school told me I looked fabulous today and that they're jealous of my versatile hair. You should feel blessed <!--lovestruck--> Good luck with your curls!


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curly hair

I think you wrote this with me in mind ;) My hair is as curly as it comes! I straighten it on occasion, but it's way too much work for day to day. I use Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner for curly hair (all the ones I've tried work pretty much the same). I blot my hair with a towel but it needs to be a little bit wet to work with. I comb it out and scrunch in some Herbal Essences curling gel...mousse doesn't hold as well with my hair. Then I dry my hair upside down with a diffuser and spray with hairspray. Wow, that sound like a lot of work now that I've written it down, but I promise it's not. And it's so much easier than straightening every day. Hope this helps...good luck!

Side note: Sometimes I put in the gel, scrunch, and just let it air dry. Results aren't quite the same, but it's as low maintenance as it gets!


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Infusium 23

I have curly hair and my dd has really curly hair. Infusium 23 has a leave in conditioner. It comes in a squirt bottle so I bought one of those inexpensive spray bottles and spray it on my hair. It helps take out the frizzies and just let the curl do its thing. I also use Frizz Eazz shamopp and conditioner. It seems to work well.


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The best

The best thing I've found is a product by Aveda called Be Curly. It is a bit on the pricy side (more than stuff from Target, etc. at least) but it lasts a long time and is totally worth it. It tames the frizzies, defines your curl, and gives you a great long-lasting curly look. Maybe I should advertise for them?


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Curly Hair

My hair is so curley that one of my African American girls came up tome today and told me that her mom could do my hair!:eek: I really do not care about what my hair looks like. I use some fizz eze stuff and some pantine stuff for curls. I often pull my hair back to a bun. Having thick curly hair I do not want to get lice!<!--yuck--> I will look into some of these products as well!<!--lovestruck-->


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I have VERY thick hair, which I classify as "not straight" Some days it is curly other days it is more on the wavy side. I could use the same product and do the same routine one day and get great hair and then do the same rountine the next day and get less than stellar results. I have used more expensive kinds of products and I don't feel like they work any better than the cheaper kind. I am currently using LA Looks Sport Gel and it seems to be working just fine. On the plus side a big bottle is less than three dollars and with as much hair as mine, I go through a lot. I also have been using a "hot sock" over my hair dryer and that helps eliminate frizz!
I also think the Garnier (sp?) curl products are good.


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I highly recommend a book called Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. It has lots of ideas for care and styling of curly hair!

Since reading that book, I no longer use shampoo. I haven't shampooed my hair in about 3 years. I know that sounds strange and maybe gross, but I promise that it isn't! I wash with water and conditioner. My hair is sooooo much nicer since I stopped using shampoo! It's much softer and shinier and it's full of bounce. Shampoo dries my hair out and leaves me frizzy and dull-looking.

The only product that I use in my hair is a clear gel or Sunsilk De-Frizz. I just work a little bit into my hair and then let it dry naturally. I love my bouncy curls!


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It'd be fun to have straight hair sometimes, but I can not put in the time. I want to look good, but I'm not high maintenance.

I use Pantene Pro-V's curly shampoo and conditioner. It really moisturizes it and coats all the hairs. Then I comb w/ a wide tooth comb and scrunch in pantene's curly gel. Then I just turn on the heater on the way to work and by the time I get there I've got naturally curly hair ready to go;).


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I read that book , too and I tried the "no shampoo" approach.....there was NO WAY I could live with that! NOT the way for me!

I use the Garnier Fructisius(sp?) for curly hair and I like it. My hair has big, soft curls, more than just wavy but not kinky tiny curls. I just wash, wrap in a towel, comb out and that's it. I really don't care abvout having a certain style, as long as my hair is clean and healthy looking, I am ok with it. People tell me all the time how enbvious they are of my easy care hair, but it really is impossible to style any other way.