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Curriculum for STEM/Technology Grades K-6

Educational Technology 


Hello! I was just informed by my administrator that I will be teaching K-6 Technology/STEM next year instead of 5th grade. There is currently no curriculum for this and I feel a little overwhelmed at where to start. I have a lot of freedom as far as what I am going to teach so that is awesome, but I need a little guidance about the Scope and Sequence. There is so much that can be covered....any Tech/STEM teachers out there that could help!? Thank you!!


Senior Member
If you want a ready-made, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy way to start off the year, check out code.org's curriculums. They have very simple, little prep, ready to go lessons for K-8, if not K-12. Course 1 works really well with K-2, and course 2 would be good for 3-5. Completely free, very interactive and engaging, and fun!

It definitely won't take you through the year, but it will hit nearly all of the Coding skills and give you a 2-3 month start.