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Cute Back to School Poem



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totally cute

Here's some brainstormed ideas:
1. Have students illustrate the poem.
2. Venn diagram real school and dream school.
3. Have students explain why school can't really be this way
4. Write another stanza
5. Write a new poem following the same pattern about another normal
everyday topic.
6. I'm thinking it's "un-school" which reminds me on Alice in Wonderland's "un-birthday" idea. No activity off the top of my head, but I'm sure there's one there somewhere. Anyone?

Hope it helps.

Ms. J

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Cute poem!

Thanks for sharing the poem! I am trying to expand my poetry collection, so the more, the merrier!:D Possible ways to use this poem:
1) Share another poem by the same poet or just another back to school poem and compare/contrast the two poems.

2) Share this poem with students. Then take out some of the words of the poem and insert blank lines. Have children work in partners to create their own "Back to School" poem.
For homework, you’ll ______________.
You’ll have to _________________.
For field trips we’ll _______________
and get lots of candy for free.


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Great poem, I think I'm going to "steal" it for my 5th graders. Loved the ideas from Steph, too. Maybe they could make a comic strip from the poem.


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back to school poem

I love it. I think I am going to copy the poem and have the kids illustrate it on the first day of school.

Marie from PA


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Thanks for the great poem

I, too, am going to borrow the poem for my 2nd graders. I love the idea of allowing them to illustrate it. This will be a great back to school activity. Thanks so much for posting it! :)


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This is another way students can get into poetry! They also can create a poem of how they feel about Back to School. I will surely use this poem as a springboard for other activities or ideas. Thanks for sharing!;)


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I am going to use it the first or second day and have them make it the first in their poetry folders.