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Cute Holiday Happenings


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Would anyone like to share any cute holiday happening with kids, parents, grandparents, pets, whoever?

When my six year old came in on Christmas morning (I say it was still night! :)) she said "momma, Santa came! He left presents. I am trying to let you sleep, but I just have so much pressure inside!" I wish I had the video camera recording that one.


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Santa story

While out shopping, my seven year old son asked, "Mommy, is there one Santa, or does each state have their own?" He had everyone in the store laughing!!


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3 of my grandbabies spent the night with us on Dec.23rd and when I got up to get them up the next morning, I heard the two girls (ages 3 & 4) singing Silent Night and Santa Clause is Coming to town to thier brother (age 1). This was so precious listening to them. They kept the tune, left out a lot of words, but they sure could sing.


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My 2 and a half year old got a scooter that revs likea motor cycle from his grandma(hubby's mom). Hubby disconnected the rev. Kiddo wouldn't ride on it saying "It's broken in half. Fix it." It revs again much to our chagrin. How many days until Spring????


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My Cuties

First thing my little boy (4) asked Santa before Santa even had a chance to say hello was, " Santa........am I on the bad list?"

Then on New Years Eve he was getting so tired and I told him he was going to have to go to bed. He asked wht his 9 year old sister was getting to stay up. She told him that when he got bigger he could stay up later which is her response to explain everything. So he pathetically whined back, " It's just no fair....this getting bigger is taking too long!"

I love the comment about I have "too much pressure in me!" It's something my first graders say all the time which proves they are at least listening when I read Junie B. Jones!:)