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Cute Solider Gift


Junior Member
I have a solider who my class supports. We wanted to make him something that he could enjoy for Christmas. I'm sending it and it has to make it through customs and all. Does anyone have a small, cute craft idea????


gift for soldier

How about a deck of playing cards using your student's pictures. Each card could be made by a student.


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My class adopted

a soldier stationed Iraq last year who happened to be my girlfriend's son. In his Christmas package, each student cut out paper snowflakes to remind him of home. We also sent fake snow, the kind that goes around a manger. We sent packets of hot cocoa and candy canes and each child made a special card. We also sent a tshirt with our school name on it.

For New Year's each student wrote a special fortune on a slip of paper and we sent it over with fortune cookies.

The best part is when he came home safely in March, he visited our class! It was breath taking!

Happy Holidays! How nice it is that your class is reaching out to a serviceman overseas! What a great experience for your kids!