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Daily 5 Question re: partner reading


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My first graders have assigned reading partners that are at a similar reading level. This has worked very well for the beginning of the year. Partner reading is predictable and they are able to practice all the ways to read with a partner because they share similar just-right books.

Here's my question...
Since my kids also have best friend books with them during partner reading, I want to incorporate a way to just enjoy the books together, a way to share their "best friend" books. I guess I'm trying to come up with a good way to give more structure to "Read the pictures and retell the story."

So far the kids have learned these strategies pulled from the Daily 5.

1. I read, You listen (1 person reads the whole book, partner listens and checks for understanding and coaches)

2. I read, you read (partners read same book, fluent reader reads first, other partner reads after 1 page/section at a time)

3. Read 2 different books (partners take turns reading a page out of their 2 different books)

Any tips!? Thanks!