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Daily 5 & TC Units of Study


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I've just spent the week at the Reading Institute and have studied both Daily 5/CAFE and UofS - I seem to meld them into what works for me and what my kids need, but I'm just interested in if you have any experience with UofS and where you stand in terms of comparing it to D5. I teach 4th grade, so it may be different for primary teachers.


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I don't actually really combine them. I use D5 during my readers workshop for my students to do while I am working with small groups, and I use UOS for writers workshop. I have not looked at the intermediate UOS because I teach primary, but I am guessing it is similar. If my students were more independent writers, I could see how they could continue the UOS work during the Work on Writing time during the daily 5...but you would still need to teach your writing mini-lessons during writers workshop...at least I would....


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What has worked for me in the past (as a 3rd grade teacher) is to only do 1 mini-lesson a day for reading, with a focus on comprehension (thus incorporating the TC UoS). I use Daily 5 for the Reading Workshop time (the kids get 3 rounds/20 mins each at the beginning of the year, moving towards 2 rounds/30 mins each), while I meet with small groups and confer with students individually. Between each round, I check in with the kids, and we have a mini-share -- anyone who was able to use the strategy from the mini-lesson, so there end up being 3 small sharing times instead of just one at the end. I start the year in Sept with launching Dialy 5 and decoding strategies, so that the students have a review of that. Most of them (at this point) need comprehension work, and the ones that still need decoding assistance, I'll work with individually or in a small group.