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Daily SS


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Does anyone have any ideas of where to find a Daily Social Studies workbook? A friend of mine gave me copies of some worksheets that were from a book and they are great. Each sheet contains 5 questions for the week and the students complete 1 question per day. However, I can't seem to find a book of this sort anywhere. And my friends does not know either, because she has just the worksheets as well. HELP! Online stores or name of a book would be great. THere is one teacher supply store near me (I'm in a rural area), and there is nothing there. Thanks in advance.


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Evan Moor

I have a Social Studies book I bought from Evan Moor. It has 2 questions a day for five days. It has a map and the questions go with the map. I like it a lot. I send it home for homework for map studies. It's called Daily Oral Geography(I think. It's at school.)and can be found on their web site. It was about 30 dollars but money well spent.