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Dancing With the Stars



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I was disappointed

It was the ESPN guy. He had such a good sense of humor. I think he would have really added to the show. I don't know how it could have been him instead of the Rap mogul, Romeo's dad. I hope it isn't that "Vote the Worst" internet group that tried to sabotage American Idol.


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I was disappointed by the outcome as well. Master P didn't really try to do his best. He keeps saying he wants to be a role model for everyone in Louisianna but, he was more negative then positive. If he doesn't do a 180 degree turn around and he ends uip staying next week, I don't know if I could watch it without going crazy.

Marie from PA


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George Hamilton

I hadn't seem George Hamilton for a long time, and both my husband and I thought he looked great at 66.


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I watched it, and The Biggest Loser this week

I also thought George looked great for 66...geez...I hope when I'm his age, I'll be that cool, and still be able to move like that...lol. Although, I don't desire that tan...lol ;)

I thought Tatum o'Neal did well, as well...and that guy that was dancing with her, is kinda hott... ;)

I also watched the Biggest Loser this week, and they had the families on there, and it was a All-in-one night, from start to finish with two family teams. It was amazing to see how much weight each team lost within 5 months of time.
And, of course, the winning family team (red team) won the 50,000 the other night.

Very cool...nice format...I like that all-in-one night thing...very cool.



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George Hamilton

Yes- He looked great for being 66- and he was a game dog for doing this, but I thought it was like watching your grandpa dance! I was actually hoping he would go.

The ESPN guy was terrible at dancing- but he was funny! I thought he would get more votes for his witty comments.

I didn't think the rapper would go, because he would get the "sympathy" vote- for only having 2 weeks to practice. And he kept bringing up the hurricane victims (though I never understood what the hurricane had to do with him dancing on this show?)

I think the competition will be very tough this time around! I was watching the show, and my husband and 16 year old son started watching it with me. They made fun of me all last summer as I watched it- but on Thursday night they were really getting into it! And believe me- these guys are not big supportors of the "Arts"!

My husband thinks the lady wrestler is the one to beat. I thought Drew Lachey will be the winner. But- anything can happen- I guess that Kelly Monaco (Last summer's winner) was terrible the first couple of weeks she danced- so we'll see! I also thought the football player was good- and not too shabby on the eyes!;)

I never watch TV, but now I am addicted to 2 shows! I love this one, and LOST! My family is shocked to see me sitting down and watching! (Of course, I'm folding laundry, checking papers, exercising, or knitting while sitting!)

Have a great week everyone! Patches


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I thought Tatum O'Neil looked like she was on some medication or something. Everytime the camera was on her backstage she acted so goofy. Her dancing was graceful and nice to watch. I am glad she did well.