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dating at 40 update!


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Thanks to Teachnkids I am updating you on my status. She Pm'd wondering about what's up.

I broke up w/ my boyfriend in Oct.,actually he broke up w/ me, so I immediately hopped on eharmony determined not to wallow in self pity! Boy am I glad I did! There are lots of nice guys out there! I went on 3 dates w/ one guy and decided there just was not chemistry there. Nice guy, no spark.

Another guy emailed my eharmony acct. and we've been emailing this week and he gave me his phone number, I'm calling him later tonight. We will be meeting in person sometime this weekend. I plan to ask his last name so I can at least google him and look him up in the court access system for our state. Ahhh, what romance ;).

Anyway the whole situation is helping me feel better about myself(not that I need a man, but I do want a man in my life). I'm excited about the whole situation.

So, after reading about 25 year olds worrying about being single, and I remember those days all too well, I wanted to show you how even at my ripe old age it pays to try a site like eharmony. I would not recommend perfectmatch or match.com.

I'll keep you posted. I'm hoping for more chemistry w/ this guy!!! Honestly, I think guy #1 was gay and not ready to deal with it yet.
But that's another post!


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You crack me up!

Isn't it a sad that today you have to get names to look guys/girls up to see if they are legit. I would be so terrible in the dating scene. I'd probably have a pocket photo copier to make a copy of any identification I could get! Maybe a syringe for a blood test too! Oh, how to keep the romance going!

Hope #2 is a dream!!