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I am currently in college to become a teacher. I am somewhat older than other students there. I am 27, and I still have 2 years til I graduate. So dating guys I meet in college wouldn't really work for me cause most guys at my college are younger than me like 24 and younger. Since I'm still in college I don't where to go to meet guys. Any ideas? I do work, but work at a day care, and all the teachers I work with are all married and not interested in being friends. So I don't have a lot of friends to go out with either. I hate still being in college at my age. I feel like it is preventing me from getting out in the world and dating.

Ima Teacher

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Don't mark off all those younger guys!

I married a younger guy. I never really thought much about the age difference. . . then the other night he said something about his senior year of high school, and I realized that I was a junior in college at the time. :rolleyes:


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Meeting people

I met my boyfriend at work. But, if that's not an option for you there are others. A lot of people are set up by family or friends. Maybe someone knows someone. What about an internet dating site? I've never done it, but I know plenty of people who have. It seems like a good idea as long as you are careful. What about a church group? Sometimes you meet people when you least expect it. I have friends who have met great guys at a supermarket, in their apartment complex, in bars, and even at the beach. A lot of these people were friends at first and became more. But, most of them were not expecting to meet boyfriends and future husbands at these places. My point is, sometimes things happen when you least expect it. And sometimes you have to actively go out and look. I wish you all the best!



Hi Sofie!

I am also an older student finishing my teaching degree. I will be 31 when I am done. A few years ago I decided to try the online dating thing. I tried Yahoo personals and Match.com. I met a few duds, but I ended up with a winner. We will be getting married in August. You can choose who you want to write to and you can pick the guys you are interested in. I would give it a try. It doesn't hurt to try. Good Luck!!



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I wouldn't count on work ever being a place to meet guys. I got set up on a few blind dates by coworkers but I've never even met a single male teacher at schools I've been in - some nice guys, but they were all married.

It is hard to meet guys once you get out of school. The places I met people were through friends, on blind dates, and at church.

My husband is also younger than me. We met when I was 27 and he was 23.