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Still DE-Cluttering relentlessly.
Hubby is cooperating by NOT looking through garbage bags.

Son's room is done!
But, stuff that I don't want in his room is in huge pile in living room. UGH!

Working on 4 huge gray totes, filled with hodgepodge of things.
Trying to condense to two totes or even one.
Keep telling myself that I may keep 10 things, no matter how big or small, and I must get rid of rest.
Closing my eyes and shoving it in garbage bag.

Craft area is kitchen/ kitchen table.
Craft supplies neatly corralled in 4 carts.
I'd like to condense it to one.

I've decided that when I go to Craft Store, I will only purchase items for Current Project.
My son and I will immediately do the project.
Then, give it as gift to family, friends, colleagues (or PTers).
Or display in designated spot, but trade it with other artwork.

Clothes closet is totally pared down!

Finally feeling good!


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Good for you! I have to tell you that you've inspired me to declutter. I haven't been as relentless as you but I made it a summer goal and it's definitely helped. I even had DD go through her clothes and put aside all of the clothes she doesn't wear. Thank you!


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You are the declutterer. Will you come to my home and get rid of all my clutter? How much do you charge for this service?<!--giggle-->

Good for you!


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Bravo! Clutter is a constant bane of my existence. Trying to keep it managed in my house is a never ending job. I applaud you for getting it under control. Such a good feeling.



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I am down two garbage bags worth of clothing. I gave it away
I wish I had the time and fortitude to do more at a quicker pace. You are an inspiration!


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Success! It feels good, doesn't it? Can you take extra/leftover crafting materials to school for other teachers or do you and your DS eventually use it?

Keep up the good work!

NJ Teacher

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What great progress!

I am at the beginning of the process. Just retired in June and am getting rid of school-related stuff I didn't find homes for with others first. Today I donated 2 full boxes and a recyclable shopping bag full of books for another teacher's classroom library who posted on FB in need of them. I recycled some professional magazines and books that I no longer needed. It feels great!